Saturday, January 5, 2008

#34 Using the web for better health

As with the previous thing, thing #34 doesn't have too many applications for local and family history in public libraries. The only, but a fairly loose, connection is about the health and well-being of staff. Again, I tried both FitDay and Nutridiary but I found both of them fairly frustrating to use. One of them allowed one to build up a standard meal and then repeat it, and that was useful but mostly I found the food they had listed didn't seem to relate to food that I wanted to report - that went for both of them as they seemed to focus on a limited range of processed food. It was good to have the various reports, particularly those about the calories consumed versus calories burned, and also the nutrient requirements.

Nutridiary also had a community element and this may be useful for people who need to be part of a community to manage their weight. It, like many other online tools, seems to be capitalizing on the value of social networking. I see ads often about WeightWatchers having an online program and I wonder where this paid program fits into the general scenario about weightwatching which is indeed what this topic is about. I imagine that the infrastructure of Weighwatchers would be able to provide a much more comprehensive food database.

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