Tuesday, January 1, 2008

#29 Scrapblog - I'm in love?

Well, I am not totally in love with this as I seemed to have all sorts of problems with Scrapblog. Firstly, and I have no one else to blame for this I didn't do the quick tour and was a bit mystified about stuff. I didn't find help very useful as I appeared to have had to register first, and I only found the FAQ after I had resolved my confusion. I also hadn't obeyed instructions in #27 and had saved a bunch of photos about Egypt with Agatha Christie in mind but no Agatha Christie. Sooo, I had to go back and save a few more.

Then once I had chosen a template and wanted to upload photos from Photobucket, the link wasn't working and I was told to try again later - several times. I don't know where the problem lay but I copied the photos I needed to my hard drive and uploaded them successfully from there. Then I was ready and I published! This was taking quite a while and I left the room. Mistake! When I came back, Scrapblog was back at the home page. Gulp! Had I lost it all?

I logged in and found my Agatha Christie Scrapblog but do you think I could work out how to share it with Flickr? The FAQ which I had discovered by that time said to go to the "share" option up the top, but that was only there in the creation section. I assume that once a Scrapblog is published you don't get another option to share. I gave up at this point and was closing down Scrapblog when I discovered another page open. That page was the end of the publishing process and gave me the option to share with Flickr. Phew!! It had been sitting there all along. Duh! Anyway, my Agatha Christie scrapblog is now saved on Flickr. I am sure it will be easier next time ;>), but I do worry about the slowness particularly if we are wanting to use it at work.

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Alex said...

I'm sorry you had such trouble, but your comments have been noted and we'll look into the issues you experienced. In particular, the Photobucket link should be working fine, but we'll double check that.

The Quick Tour is a great place to start to get a good overview of Scrapblog before trying it out. The FAQ and Forums are also available as a resource, without needing to register. In fact, you may start scrapblogging without registering.

After you publish a scrapblog, you may always go back and edit it. When you login to scrapblog.com and go to the "My Scrapblogs" page, you'll see an option to edit previously created scrapblogs. Remember to republish after your edits.

Publishing generally takes about one minute per page. If it's taking much longer, the best thing is to cancel, close the Builder and then reopen it again. Always remember to save your work regularly, as with any other application.

The Builder is also where you'll find the sharing options for your blog, email and social networks.

I hope this helped and happy new year, by the way!


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