Friday, June 6, 2008

Posting from ScribeFire!

I am posting this from ScribeFire! I will be interested to see how it turns out as this is the first time I have used ScribeFire.

ScribeFire which is an add-on to Firefox seems to work well. Once you have installed and set all the links to your blogs up, they are all there at your fingertips. You can blog on a screen that pops up or you can right-click (or left-click in many people's cases) on a page and select the blog option from ScribeFire. That will post your heading and url as a blog post to the selected blog. This is a fun discovery that I made quite serendipitously via Kat Clancy's wall on Facebook. Thanks for posting to my wall, Kat, and leading me to respond to you! The one downside seems to be that if you want to insert labels to the post you need to go to blogger to do that.

Except that you don't! You click on the categories tag, and either choose an existing category or add a new one! Remember: category = label!

Postscript: this doesn't seem to tinyurl properly. I have never had a problem before with my link to Twitter from blogger. I can only assume that the ScribeFire interface is causing a glitch. As I feed all my blog posts to Twitter, that is not going to work very well. I'll have to experiment more with this add-on. I suspect it may be causing a problem with my blogfeeds to Facebook as well. Sigh!!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

#61 Library Apps on and for Facebook

I'm one librarian who thinks that Facebook is great. I've done the "library" search before and become fans of library pages, and I've also checked Boroondara. From that search I reached a lot of library staff as well as staff in other Council departments.

We have a City of Boroondara Library Service page and have had it for a while. Today we had 56 fans and the reality is that we haven't really advertised it anywhere. These people have just found us by word of mouth. Well, hey that's what Facebook is all about: social networking. Some people aren't aware that there are profiles (for individuals), groups, and pages on Facebook and these all have different standard components and different applications that can be added. On pages, you can monitor your usage, the demographics of fans etc.

On the City of Boroondara Library Service Facebook page, we have general info about the library service and links to our website, bebo site and blog. We have a couple of FBML applications which currently talk about Chinese computer classes and links to our catalogue on Bookjetty. We feed our blog into the site and through Notes we also feed in the Boroondara Town Hall Gallery blog. We have loaded photos, we have Artshare which loads random works of art from selected galleries and museums and we have a recipe of the day from Epicurious.

We have Worldcat and we are just waiting for our vendor to finalize a link to libraries on our system. We have a series of maps giving our locations - this is done using Google maps. And we have the standard discussion board and wall. But most importantly we use the events function to advertise all of our library events. Come and visit us on Facebook! Tell us what you think.
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