Monday, December 31, 2007

#24 Got file conversion issues?

Well, here it is not yet New Year and I am starting on Learning 2.1. So thing number 24 here I come. I can imagine why the people at Learning 2.1 could consider a new friend. Unless you want to convert mega files or deal with file storage issues, you don't even have to register or signup for a program. In a simple four step process you browse for the file you want to convert, choose the file type you want to convert it to, type in your email address and press convert. Voila! You get an email with a link to enable you to download the converted file. As the link only remains there for a day (for free users anyway), you would want to be doing this as a pretty instant process.

There's a tool that you can add to your browser toolbar to facilitate the process for urls - I haven't tried that yet as I'm using someone else's PC while Hawthorn Library is being painted. There seems to be a very comprehensive list of text, image, video, and audio formats (including compressed types). I was particularly impressed by being able to convert to and from PDF as this is something I often want to do. My one gripe was that when you browse for the file it doesn't show the link in the box and you, therefore, don't know that it was selected it. I will install the link to my browser toolbar once I am back there and am sure that this will come in handy. It would also come in handy for the public PCs, I'm sure.

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