Saturday, January 5, 2008

#32 Online file storage with Omnidrive

Omnidrive sounds like it would be the answer to this woman's prayers! How often do I find myself at home wanting a file from work or vice versa? And 1 gb of free memory in a web-based application sounds wonderful. I email backwards and forwards but that doesn't always get through firewalls, and I carry stuff on my "message-sticks". I am attracted by the SnipShot facility for editing images and the ability to use Zoho for editing material. But maybe that's where the warning bells should have started out in my dream. In #18 I never managed to register for Zoho and it hung my Firefox several times until I gave up and used Google for the exercise instead.

So what happened to my Omnidrive dream? I got into the website easily enough and proceeded to sign up. My email id was accepted as available as was my username, but every time I tried to sign up I got an error message and that was that. I seemed to be able to everything else I wanted on the site, just not sign up! I have sent the error message to Omnidrive help so we'll see how we go. BTW I also went back to Zoho and the website came up with a signin for me but said the password that they had on the screen didn't match my id. I tried to do the forgot password scenario and guess what! My Firefox hung and I had to reboot. Is this about ME and my PC, or is it that these applications don't work with Firefox? I can pursue them further at work with Explorer but that will be no use to me at home with Firefox.

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