Tuesday, January 1, 2008

#26 Little bits of the Internet, on your desktop

This was a bit of fun - the instructions for yourminis are a bit different now from when the #26 post was done in June 2007, but it was all straightforward. I had been playing around with widgets on various Ning sites in the last few weeks so I was familiar with them. Yourminis offered a fairly small range of widgets or gadgets as Windows call them.

My problem arose when I selected and tried to copy them to my blog. It was all right if I posted in a normal post, but when I tried to add them to my sidebar I simply could not work out a way to resize. I attempted to do this with a couple and finally ended up with a weather one which can mostly be seen. In fact, if the ad for Weather Channel which was not visible in yourminis were not there, all of it could be viewed.

I tried changing the measurements and alignment in the HTML but that didn't seem to make any difference - I always had a bit on the right side chopped off. I wonder whether it would look all right if viewed in Explorer - I'll check that out when I'm at work. I've left it there for the minute, imperfect as it is, and note that the current Melbourne weather brought to me here by Weather Channel is different to the current weather brought to me on my browser by accuweather. Who is right? My thermometer says something different again. All I know is that it is HOT particularly for Hecuba with her long coat. This task has also been a trigger for me to go back to one of my pages on Ning and successfully load the weather widget.

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