Wednesday, January 2, 2013

#blog12daysxmas Day 9 videos from Flickr


I was very pleased to have finished my 366 photographs for the Flickr Photo a Day 2012 Challenge.  But as I stated a couple of posts ago I am very keen to create a video of the 366 photos like I did in 2012 with the late lamented Pummelvision.  So, rather than moaning about it any longer, yesterday I decided that I would explore possibilities.

After a bit of research I ended up with what seemed to be three contenders.The first was Animoto which I have used in the past in its free version which was going to be far too short for 366 images. Animoto in its free form was actually Thing Number 39 years ago and that is how I came across it.

There are also Plus and Pro paid versions and so I thought that that maybe the Plus version for $5 a month or $30 a year would be the goer.  I pottered around in the site for a while checking the functionality and made another freebie of my collages which I successfully uploaded to Youtube.  You can see it here.

Of course, then I looked into the fine print of the technical detail and discovered that the maximum number of images was 300!  Boo! That was not going to be very good for a year of 366 days (or even 365).

The second was Windows Live Movie Maker. I didn't get very far with this one, though I think fiddling with it seemed to change my Firefox settings and resulted in no video access. That is a whole other story.  The reason I didn't pursue it was that it only accesses photos on your PC or camera and not from other sites such as Flickr as I wanted. This may be a great tool but it is not what I want.

The third one was another paid site, Stupeflix. It also looked hopeful so I started making a video by loading up photos from Flickr. Although I could find no information anywhere on the site about the maximum number of images, my initial load stopped at 50 and although I was able to load more incrementally it could not deal with 366.

So does anyone have any other bright ideas?  Am I missing the obvious?  It seems to me that the solution is to do divide the year into two and do two videos using the Animoto Plus account.  At least my Flickr Friday Photos 2012 will only be a maximum of 159 photos!

Monday, December 31, 2012

#blog12daysxmas Day 8 2013 Photo a Day Challenge

Xena's busy day ruling 366/356

2013 Photo a Day Challenge, a group on Flickr.

Just a reminder that the@Flickr 2013 Photo a Day Challenge starts
tomorrow 1 Jan! 

Follow link to join up and start posting!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

#blog12daysxmas Day 5 Flickr Photo A Day Challenge

One of the things that I blogged about last year in the #blog12daysxmas challenge was the Flickr challenges that I was setting myself for the coming year, i.e. 2012. So how have I gone with them?  I signed myself up to contribute to two different challenges and in some cases was participating for more than one Flickr user.

The first challenge that I was part of was the 2012 Photo a Day Challenge that is administered by @sarahgb in the UK.  I participated in her 2011 PAD Challenge and was keen to do this one.  Of course, being a leap year it meant that I needed to do 366 photos this year.  Today I posted my 365th photo so I am nearly there! I have really loved doing this every day.  I have found that it really made to look at things around me quite differently and has also provided a good summary of the year 2012 for me to look back on.  Last year on @pollyalida's  suggestion, I made my 2011PAD photos into a Pummelvision video which I loaded on Youtube.  Here is it:

I would love to do the same for 2012 but unfortunately Pummelvision is no more so I will be looking for other options in the New Year.  So if anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.

I certainly loved doing the Flickr PAD in 2011 and 2012.  So I am planning on doing it again in 2013.  Maybe some of my #blog12daysxmas colleagues would like to join up?  It is a great exercise.  My friend Sarah is bowing out this year after three years worth of PAD and has handed the mantle over to me to continue.  I have set up a Flickr 2013 Photo a Day Challenge at so just head over there and join up for the fun.  I was amazed when I did a search how many photo a day groups there are on Flickr!  But this is my one:) It has my Loupe dove (again inspired by @pollyalida) as the avatar.
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