Monday, November 19, 2007

Week Three: Photos & Images

Photos and Images are themes very dear to my heart and particularly important to my Learning 2.0 goal of working out the best ways to use Web 2.0 for local history. I have been viewing other people's images on Flickr for a long time and have many favourites there. I like MissMardi's site. Mardi is our stunning Gallery Curator at the City of Boroondara and also an artist in her own right. She creates multi-layered woven works that you can see images of on Flickr.

I also really liked the geographical function and had lots of fun clicking onto images relating to Athens, Greece. Obviously many other people share my Hellenophilia and even my love of Athens. There were not many Australian photos taged, so here is our chance to put parts of Boroondara on that map. It is good to be able to publish photos to the world but also to be able to limit them to friends or family. I limited my photograph of me and Hecuba to friends, but they really aren't private. I assume at any stage I can change the status, so I will try that too.

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