Wednesday, November 21, 2007

#13 Tagging, folksonomies & social bookmarking

This is an interesting topic, and not one dear to the heart of those interested in things like LCSH, DDC, and other library structures. Ranganathan comes to mind too, but my memories are dim. I registered with and found that pretty frustrating as I took about 15 goes before I got all the elements to meet their desires. It may have been my incompetence in answering their questions, of course ;>). However, I didn't ever receive the confirmation email so I think there might have been glitches on both sides.

Now I can save links there and search them. I also explored other links that were there and pursued some through subjects and those who had bookmarked them. I tagged the Boroondara Learning 2.0 site and one of my tags was Boroondara. I was amazed to see that there were other people who had set the tag Boroondara for all sorts of reasons. I will explore this further and see already that this will be useful tool for exploration. What will I search tomorrow?

Finally I explored the option of creating a bookmark: you can see my bookmark on the blog!

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