Monday, November 19, 2007

#8 Using RSS to make life simple? Convert?

I had seen and heard of RSS feeds before I tried this module, but I wasn't sure that I needed them. I already subscribe to a mass of email news feeds and they don't clog up my inbox as described in one of the training videos. I have them organized so they go to separate folders so that I know when they come in and I read them when I want to.

However, I have set up a Bloglines account and I have subscribed to a number of blogs and Flickr sites as well as the BBC and some book and library sites. I had a hunt around some of my colleagues' blogs and have linked a couple of those in. I made the list public and have published the link to that on my blog. Though it shows the proper link in Explorer, it doesn't seem to show the whole link in Firefox, although it links properly. Now that I have worked through this module, I think that it will be a useful tool for keeping up with blogs and Flickr sites for example. Before I was always having to search for them. So I am a convert!

I have also played around with the template and put Hecuba's photo on the blog. I hadn't worked out how to do that before.

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