Saturday, November 24, 2007

#17 Playing around with PBwiki

I've just been playing in the PLCMC sandbox for a while. Before that I checked out and as sites which provide for wiki creators. I also had a reference from #16 to a site called but it appears not to exist. I played around and looked at various things, corrected some spelling, added a few restaurants and with the new editing tool adding a url to one of them was easy. With the new edit features the instruction for adding my blog url had changed and it was much more straightforward. Fortunately I had seen some posts by colleagues who had been there before me so it was easy. What was confusing was that the Victorian public libraries weren't in alphabetical order. Maybe I need to go back and put them in order ;>).

I can really see a benefit in setting up wikis for local history. I am currently working on a couple of projects researching hotels. I can see great benefit in setting up a trial wiki for the smaller of the projects and seeing how it goes. I am starting to see lots of tangible evidence of benefits of this course. Bloglines is really useful as is, both of which I am now using regularly.

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