Sunday, October 10, 2010

#Octshowntell #3 Storybird

As Storybird was one of the sites that I played around with today I thought that it was probably useful to do something with it before I forgot. I really think it is unlikely that I would use this site for work or play again but you never know. It is probably quite useful for a children's librarian or a school librarian and would certainly be useful for kids to learn storytelling skills.

Telling stories is not my forte but I created a short one about my cat Polyxena and her names, called the Story of Polyxena. There are informational videos and it is quite easy to choose a theme or art work to use. The facility to embed it in a blog was supposedly available and weirdly I discovered it seemed to be an option with other stories I read on Storybird. Just not mine! I will be interested to see if others get the option when they link through.

PS This morning when I was on a different computer that didn't recognize me on Storybird I managed to get the code to embed the story. Fingers crossed that this works!

The Story of Polyxena on Storybird


Katie said...

What a beautiful story

Polyxena said...

and it's a true story!!

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