Sunday, March 16, 2008

#47 For the musically inclined or Not!

I signed up to Jamstudio and using first the 1,2,3 demonstration and then Help I played with creating chords, adding instruments, changing tempo and changing type of music. I created a song called "What!" but I have not managed to get any sounds out of Jamstudio yet! I also went to Tapsister's post on Thing 47 and linked in through that connection. Voila! Still no sound when you press play! I saved the song and tried emailing it to a couple of addresses: I got the link to the song there and pasted it above. Maybe I am just not letting it have enough time to load? Maybe it's jammed?

I am not into musical composition, nor particularly into the type of music featured here, but I can see that it could be fun to play with. We could use it to create background music for podcasts or other such things. But why can't I get any sound?

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