Sunday, November 25, 2007

#20 You too can Youtube

Like other tools, I have played around watching things on Youtube often. This task made me focus on the potential use it might be to me as a librarian and particularly the use I might put it to for local history, particularly as it appears to be enjoying a massive explosion of use for people of all ages and backgrounds.

I enjoyed watching a number of the videos about being a librarian and particularly enjoyed two clips that my colleague at Melbourne Libraries put up her Infosleuth blog. Searches for Hawthorn and Collingwood mainly resulted in videos about football, but I hit gold with Boroondara and found a couple of videos relating to a function I attended at Kew Library earlier this year, namely the Menzies bust unveiling. Once I had found them, I wanted to store them as favourites and share one of them on my blog, so that meant I needed to sign up to yet another site. After a seemingly abortive attempt at signing up, I realized that I could log in using my Google account. Duh! Then it was plan sailing and I was easily able to create a link to my blog so that I could post the Mayor and Gerry Petrie to my blog as I will in the next post. Of course, I may now be signed up twice, so I had better clear that up too.

This tool obviously has potential use in terms of searching it for items that are of local interest, like this one and some other ones I found of gigs in local Collingwood hotels. But we can also potentially use it to put up our own videos.

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