Friday, December 27, 2013

#blog12daysxmas Post 3 #librarysecretsanta

#librarysecretsanta 2013 H365/361 #happy365

One of the very pleasant outcomes of being part of an Australian library community on Twitter is that I get to take part in the annual #librarysecretsanta project.  I have taken part in this for the last few years and have had great fun researching my allocated twitter colleague and trying to find an appropriate present that is postable and costs $10 max.

I received my  #librarysecretsanta present on 23 December.  So thanks to my gifter for pulling out plugs and sending it Express post all the way from W.A. I did tweet its arrival on the day according to rules but I have been a bit slack taking and posting a photo.  But today is the day and it is done! It's here and it's on Flickr and I'll be tweeting it after I finish this blogpost.

We have a #librarysecretsanta Flickr group too, so you can go over there to have a look at photos of presents people have received over the last few years if you wish. I see that not many people have posted their gift photos to the group this year - or last year for that matter.  That's a pity as it is nice to see what ideas people have come up with.  It also allows us to use another bit of social media for connectivity.  I love that, but maybe everyone else in the library community doesn't? I would be interested in hearing about the community's views on this.

And what was my gift?  It was a BOOK. Yes, I am shouting that to the hills. A P-BOOK!  In fact one of only two books I got for Christmas :(   One of my greatest joys at Christmas from when I was very little was the receiving of new books as gifts.   So I really associate Christmas with books.   And obviously my gifter had checked out my interest in Greek and Roman classics and ancient history. Thanks #librarysecretsanta gifter!  It is a very appropriate gift.

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