Saturday, July 6, 2013

Electricity "smart" meter #blogjune Day 20

Electricity "smart" meter 52/25/2 #technology by Hecuba's Story
Electricity "smart" meter 52/25/2 #technology, a photo by Hecuba's Story on Flickr.

I often reflect on the ubiquitous nature of technology and the influences of it on my life.  My new electricity "smart" meter has the potential to provide me with more information than I feel I would ever need about my electricity usage - but you never know.  There is even a QR code on it.  

And, of course, like all changes in technology it really changes work practices.  The old walking the streets reading meters roles are changing dramatically, in some cases not being required any more, or in other cases using handheld technology to read the meters as in the case of smart water meters.

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