Monday, June 3, 2013

#blogjune Day 3 Help needed from my pln!

Help!  I need some help from my online pln.  For years I have been part of an online breast cancer support group. We have a website and online archives and all that stuff. Each year there is an online face to face gathering in Northern America.   As part of this Gathering there is a production on CD made of biographies of members as well as eulogies of those who have died during the year.  This has traditionally been produced on a CD for people to take home.

My question is: do people still want a CD to take home? I believe that, with ipads and iphones and PCs without CD/DVD drives, CDs are old technology.  What would you do now?  Would you move to the cloud?  Maybe to a members only part of the website where the biographies and eulogies would be available? Does this privacy matter?   I don't think it does to me because I never write anything in my biography that I am concerned about having on the web. And I am all over the web anyway. However, I think that some do care about this. 

How would you manage this online privacy?  Is there some plugin that could be used for the existing website?  Or would you use another website perhaps with an app for ios or android?  I am part of a group using Wiggio currently for a confined group and access to documents.  Would you use something like this?

I really look forward to your input on this.


Peta Hopkins said...

I definitely would not want a CD. I already have issues with my camera software being supplied on CD and no way to install on my netbook that has no DVD/CD drive in it.

How about a shared Evernote folder or shared Dropbox folder? Shared only with the group not just publicly available.

Penny Dugmore said...

yeah nah to the CD too. A USB perhaps. I like Peta's idea though. Perhaps the community could consider a members only blog could be added to throughout the year?

Polyxena said...

Thanks Peta and Penny. I say no to a CD too! I hadn't thought of Dropbox or Evernote (though I use them both regularly). Keep the ideas coming. I am going to survey the members so need a few options :)

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