Monday, January 2, 2012

#blog12daysxmas Day 10 Flickr challenges

The year has started off for me with two Flickr photographic challenges: #2012PAD and #fp2012 to use their Twitter monikers. Last year I completed the #2011PAD (PAD equals Photo A Day) with 365 photos and really enjoyed doing it. The photos could be of anything and I certainly had a range of topics at the end.

It certainly honed up my Flickr skills and it also gave me a whole new Web 2.0 community to be part of. There were only three of us initially from Melbourne with the rest of the 50 from the UK mainly (if not entirely). So it was great to get to know this community through their photos. Being in the southern hemisphere where the seasons were the opposite made for some interesting comparative photos too.

At the end I took the opportunity to make a Pummelvision video of the photos and posted about that experience here the other day. It was fun to see quite a few of my Twitter friends reflecting on similar 2011 projects and in some cases to see the resulting video. I really enjoyed the whole process and am so glad that I have done the video and have it as a memory of the highs and lows of 2011. Thanks @sarahgb for setting up and administering the group!!

In 2012, I am taking part in two such projects. #2012PAD is on Flickr and essentially the same as #2011PAD and a continuation though a new beginning for those of us who did it last year. That started yesterday and my photo above is 366/2 for today. This year I have resolved to number them from the start very clearly so that I won't be flapping around in the last few days doing a comparison of what's in my set and what's in the group. Well, I suppose I might still be doing that but it will be a lot easier.

The #fp2012 project is slightly different but a variation as the photographs are themed rather than just PADs. This project, also a Flickr group, was dreamed up by @sarahgb and @csmramsden. #fp2012 stands for Friday Photos 2012 and the idea is that we will have 52 themes over the year and can post up to three photos a week with the Friday of each week being the deadline. The theme for this week is Beginnings (not surprisingly for the first one and for the beginning of a new year) and I just posted my first one today: 52/1/1. Again I am determined to get the numbering right from the start! Opportunistically, I used the same photo that I used for my PAD today. I hope to do the two projects in tandem though it remains to be seen whether I will always do that.

So, if you are looking for a 2012 challenge and want to hone up on your Flickr, do a bit of photography or meet a new community, why don't you come on over to Flickr and join up for either or both of the groups? I have given you the links above so how easy is that? We have also signed up the City of Boroondara Library Service for the #fp2012 challenge and will be interested to see how it works with a library. It would be great if some of you got your libraries on board too.

So happy Flickring in 2012! I am sure that I will be talking more about these projects as the year progresses and certainly at year's end.

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