Sunday, June 19, 2011

#blogjune 16 paper-li Polyxena Press

I know that for a while I have been vaguely noticing tweets coming into my stream which refer to so and so's Daily News. I know I have noticed Kathryn Greenhill's a few times, looked at it and wondered casually how she did it. But it was only in the last couple of weeks when I got @ messages alerting me to the fact that my posts had appeared in someone's news that I thought I should investigate. And let's face it, the search was also going to give me something to blog about in the #blogjune challenge that I am behind in.

So how did I end up with my tweets (both curiously links to my Librarian and the Kitchen blog) in Punch's Library Place and the Tom Roper Daily? Going to one of their "papers" and a quick hit onto other information on the paper-li site showed me how! SmallRivers is a company focused on facilitating the discovery of relevant content and other people of interest on the web. Their enterprise paper-li allows Twitter and Facebook subscribers to produce the stuff coming through their streams in a newsletter style. You can choose your title, the frequency and them up to five streams of stuff to be featured.

I found the site a bit confusing to navigate. It appears there are ten credits for each title but it is not clear what happens then. Does one just create another title? Or is there then a charge? There is no mention of a paid version that I could find on the site, but who knows? I signed in via Twitter, but can I also sign in via Facebook and create a different paper? There is an ability to embed a widget in your blog. I have done so here on the side panel but it doesn't appear to work very well on a black background. I will try it elsewhere. I am also not quite sure about whether the separate issues are available anywhere but clicking on the archive link sounds like a good move.

Anyway I will be curious to see what comes up in it daily. Is this the essence of my tweetness?

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