Sunday, October 31, 2010

#Octshowntell #5 Dvolver

For the last day in October I decided to try out another tool for #Octshowntell. So I tried Dvolver as @jobeaz had tried it recently. Like her, my #Octshowntell posts aren't showing up in Twitter search, so I thought I would copy her last tool and tell a pretty poor story about Melbourne weather. The tool was quite easy to use and allowed for three scenes with a variety of backdrops, skies, music and text. I initially chose to do a soliloquy but other options were available such as dialogue. I was a bit confused about how to load it here as you actually had to email the movie to someone befor
re the option was given. But here it is! thanks @jobeaz!

My second go used a couple of characters; they weren't quite right as I had the following person going last but you get the idea!

Now we are all just wondering what we will do in November!!

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