Saturday, August 28, 2010

Youtube launches full length movie section

In an interesting move Youtube has added a new section for full length movies. There isn't much on it yet but it is there and divided into categories such as Bollywood, Documentaries, Horror etc.  Apparently deals have been struck with Lionsgate, MGM and Sony in the US and Blinkbox in the UK.  It apparently launched with 400 full-length movies.  Matt Brian over at The Next Web has more details. Given the announcement this week also that Blockbuster seems to be bankrupt, this is an interesting development for film watching in the home.  It appear that you can do the normal things you can do with a Youtube account: favourite, share on Twitter or Facebook, blog. However, they don't seem to come up in Scribefire under the Add a Youtube video.  Well, maybe because they aren't videos.

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