Friday, September 19, 2008 the new Zamzar?

Wah! How sad am I? I quickly wanted to convert into Word a pdf of a financial enduring power of attorney that I want for tomorrow. Yes, I know it is 11.34 pm. BUT I did save the document and believed I had converted it on Zamzar this morning. The email response hadn't come by the time I left for work. Later on webmail I saw that it had come but I didn't try to open it at work. Mistake! What a pity! I might have been able to get the converted document via the Explorer browser at work. It sure doesn't work at home on the latest version of Firefox. It looks like it will but then there is no hyperlink to collect the document

What to do? Well, I know I could have looked at some of the more recent Things that I haven't completed. But I also looked back at my post in January when I was doing Thing #24. Zamzar certainly worked with Firefox then. But the interesting thing was that someone posted a comment directing me to So I tried that. It's the same deal. You go to the site; type in your email address, browse on your PC for the file to convert, select the format to convert to, and it converts it and sends the result to your email.

It all seemed to work fine until I downloaded the conversion and got gobbledegook with whatever encoding I accepted. Obviously I am not going to get a Word version of my PDF very easily for tomorrow. Well, maybe tomorrow I will get back to Learning 2.1 and finish some of the later Things. But I am VERY disappointed that Zamzar doesn't seem to work for me any more.


Anonymous said...


We're sorry that you experienced issues with picking up your Zamzar file. We've got our team currently looking into this.

Can you let us know what version of FF you are running and this will hopefully help us to track down this little buglet.

The Zamzar Team

Anonymous said...


We've responded to you in one of our support mails, however it looks as though we do support the new version of FF, just need to give some consideration as to how we display large file names to you guys.

Anyway - hopefully you'll be able to pick up your file, you'll just need to scroll to the end of the screen.

The Zamzar Team

Polyxena said...

Thanks Chris and Zamzar team for your prompt response to my email and here. I have downloaded the file now. I was expecting a hyperlink not a download button. Maybe if I used Zamzar more often I wouldn't have been confused.

With your assistance I finally found the button way to the right of the browser screen display. Maybe moving the button to under the url would stop this confusion.

Jenny said...

Not that it matters but zamzar copied youconvertit and not the other way around

taken from whois

created: 29-Jan-2006
last-changed: 17-Sep-2008
registration-expiration: 29-Jan-2010

Registered through:, Inc. (
Created on: 12-Dec-05
Expires on: 12-Dec-09
Last Updated on: 27-Jan-08

i could care less because i use but whats fair is fair

Polyxena said...

Thanks for putting me straight on the history of these sites. I guess I just knew Zamzar first.

chris said...

Just to be entirely accurate, it's not just about when the domain was registered, but when the website was actually created.

According to the records it looks like Zamzar beat youconvertit by 5 months:*/*/

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