Thursday, May 15, 2008

#60 Facebook!

Facebook, well where do I start? I am absolutely addicted to Facebook and don't need to join up or do any of the suggested tasks ;>). I first came across Facebook in the 23 Things at #19 Web 2.0 Awards where we could choose our own thing. I chose to look at MySpace and Facebook and because it was Australian election day I looked around at Kevin 07 and my local member Lindsay Tanner's presence on both sites.

It took me a while to really get into Facebook but now I am addicted and get into it daily. I have 118 friends as I write and they increase regularly as different parts of my life get connected. I feed my blogs into Facebook, and my Twitter updates my status. I have set up a City of Boroondara page and we are gradually getting fans - 46 as of today. We feed the library blog into this Facebook and I have just linked the Town Hall Gallery in via the notes section as well. We mainly use it to promote our events and they are regularly updated by a team of library staff.

I use Facebook to communicate with friends and family both locally and overseas and have managed to catch up with some people I was quite out of contact with. My friends vary substantially in age and generation, and cover all aspects of my life. The majority of people who are my friends are people that I actually know physically but I have also linked up people I only know virtually or only have linked up with through Facebook. Yep, I love Facebook! I think that it is a fantastic example of community engagement and social networking. And that is what libraries are all about!

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