Friday, April 18, 2008

#57 TasteSpotting - yum!

How yummy is this! I'm in heaven. I had a quick look at TasteSpotting just before lunch but had to stop and get my lunch cooked very smartly. This site is one for me. Though someone who loves cooking and reading about it, I just couldn't get interested in I'm Cooked, the focus of Thing 50, where people post videos of themselves cooking.

But TasteSpotting is another thing. When you go to the url you are immediately faced with a sea of luscious-looking food set out as on recipe cards. You can star them and search. Click on one of the recipes and you are taken to the source. I found a whole swag of foodie blogs from all around the world - Australia, New Zealand, U.S., U.K. and even one in Greek, the Saffron-gatherer.

I used the same terms to search as I had with I'm Cooked. Taramasalata still wasn't successful, and plum sauce only gave me a link to a recipe where you served it on the side. So I guess I'll stick with Maggie Beer for the plum sauce and either buy the taramasalata ready made or use one of the many recipes I already have. However, I got a hit for moussaka and hit gold (or meringue) with pavlova where I got eight hits, all of which I wanted to eat. Excited by this I just keyed in "lentils" as I was thinking of making a lentil salad for lunch on Sunday. Voila! There were 47 posts.

I was quite over-excited by all the food blogs I discovered and can see a whole new Bloglines addiction coming on. If I am not careful, I shall overtake Batgirl and Tapsister in the number of feeds I am monitoring. I also can see a personal organizational and de-cluttering application. One of my foibles is collecting and not sorting recipes. In fact, I have a very large folder of them in the dining room at present awaiting weeding (aka reading and throwing out). These are all paper ones or scribbled notes, but, of course, these days I also see them online and want them. If I set up my own food blog, I could store and label them there. I'd be able to search by label. I'd be able to post online recipes there using Clipmarks or other sources. The Librarian and the Kitchen blog is born and I have found yet another way to organize my life through Learning 2.1

Oh, and of course there is the library aspect. This is a great site to use if someone wants a recipe.

PS I didn't ever find the widget from the TasteSpotting web-site. However, I remembered that Tapsister had loaded it. So I grabbed it from her blog and easily loaded it here and on my Facebook profile, and other options were available. Someone please tell me where it is on the website!


sarah j. gim said...

hey...since "search" looks through what people have typed into the descriptions boxes, and people don't akways necessarily say exactly what what it is, sometimes it's useful to search for something with more creative or descriptive words. for example, if you look up "greek dip" or maybe "fish roe" you might come up with something!

(btw, i {heart} tarama salata ;) )

Polyxena said...

Thanks for the tip, but I had tried both of those without any luck! It just looks like no one has added a recipe for taramasalata.

fiona said...

I searched for widget in the site search box(was afraid I'd get a recipe for boiled widget, or widget stew) and it came up with the widget box.

Polyxena said...

Thanks, Fiona. I looked EVERYWHERE but search which I thought was only for recipes. Anyway I found it on your blog so all was well.

fionam said...

me too. at first I thought the search box was only for recipes but I couldn't find the widget anywhere else so gave it a whirl

Polyxena said...

It actually loaded quite strangely on FAcebook as a video supposedly and it will presumably just disappear as it doesn't have it s own box. It's fine on Blogger.

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