Thursday, February 28, 2008

Guess what? Omnidrive

I have made another attempt today to sign up to Omnidrive. The register page is still giving an error message. I have had no response from my communications with them. I sure hope that this is fixed before we have the whole swag of Boroondara Learning 2.1 staff wanting to access it. The one other Boroondara person aside from me who has done this Thing (and wasn't previously using Omnidrive) couldn't sign up either, so it can't just be me ;>(

It's a few weeks to go before Thing 32 for Boroondara, so I will keep checking the website. Sigh! I suppose I can explore some of the other sites in this category and use them as options when I post the tasks to the Boroondara Learning 2.1 ning.

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