Monday, January 7, 2008

Reprise on #32

Well, I have had another go at Omnidrive at work using IE and I still get the same error message when trying to sign up. So I think it is something wrong with the Omnidrive site at present. I sent them the details on the weekend, so hopefully I will hear back. The good news is that I successfully signed up for Zoho at work without crashing the PC as it continually does at home on Firefox. The test will be whether I can login ok at home and work on stuff. If I can't, the value of the tool will not exist.


miffy said...

I tried to join both zoho & omnidrive (using neww user names & email addresses) from home using firefox. I had no problems with zoho but omnidrive kept giving me a server error.

arvind said...

Thanks for signing up with Zoho!

Regarding Zoho crashing on your home PC, our apologies. Many a time some Firefox add-on may be the culprit. Can you try starting Firefox in Safe Mode : Start -> Programs -> Mozilla Firefox -> Mozilla Firefox (Safe Mode)?

If you still have issues in 'Safe Mode' as well, do mail me at We can have a desktop sharing session and see what might be causing the issue.


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