Monday, January 21, 2008

Animoto - postscript

Needless to say I did go back to Animoto. I wanted to put together some photos for the family (or for me) of an uncle who died in recent times. Now that was frustrating. I had photographs scanned on my hard drive and it took me ages to work out why I couldn't see all of them when I was trying to upload from Animoto. Duh! I finally worked out the difference: these are .tif and the ones I was able to load were all .jpg. So it looks to me that this tool can only be used with .jpg files. Anyway, I was glad to have worked out what was happening. Meanwhile, as I have posted a couple of my video clips over at the City of Boroondara Learning 2.1 ning, I can look at them there to my heart's content.


fiona said...

you could try zamzar to convert them from .tif to .jpg?

Polyxena said...

Excellent idea! And a good example of how all these things link into each other! However, I am going to bed now rather than getting embroiled in Animoto again;>).

Rebecca said...

Hey Hucaba,

Becky here from Animoto. I'm glad you got that whole situation worked out. We also accept gif files too, by the way. But also, if you ever have problems, e-mail us in at

If it's during office hours 10-6, we respond almost immediately. If not, well, it's shotty, depending on who's currently geeking out and sitting in front of their computer at 3 AM. But, nonetheless, I'm glad you got to make your video.

Take care,

Polyxena said...

Hi Becky
I can't work out how to upload .gif files. But I'll email for help as you suggested,

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